Olive Tree Removal and Clearing for New Fence Line Installation

Wild Olive Tree Removal
Here we are removing hundreds of wild feral Olive trees which have unfortunately overtaken all native vegetation trying to compete with them. Olive trees, if not being maintained, can grow into a huge and costly problem in a really short time. These pest trees will out compete with the native trees and vegetation without hesitation, driving away all native wildlife such as koalas, possums and native bird life.

Here we are undertaking the removal the trees to allow for a new fence line to be installed, the original fence line has been destroyed and pushed over by the growth of the Olive trees. We have to first cut our way through with chainsaws and log chippers, then trim all base trunks down as low as possible to the ground before poisoning the remaining base of the tree called the Lignotuber. To kill of the remaining base and root system we use the “drill and fill” method.  Holes are drilled around the base of the tree into the lignotuber which are then filled with selective poisons. Ideally having as much foliage as possible helps with the translocation of the poison, however in this situation we need it cleared for the new fence to be installed.

Below you will see images showing just how badly the feral Olive trees can get, sometimes creating a whole new forest just of olive trees.

Starting to make our way through

Starting to make our way through the extremely dense growth

Clearing the path for the new fence line to be installed

Clearing the path for the new fence line to be installed

Large Lignotuber at base of tree spreading underground

Lignotuber with Poison Added

Out of Control when Left Unattended

Extremely Old Olive Tree

Forest purely of Olive trees

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