Forestry Services

Forestry / Woodlots / Native Vegetation

Envirogroup provide bush care services throughout the Adelaide Hills and further abroad, in established lands, private and government forests, reserves and park lands.

  • Planting of Woodlots to Provide Shelter, Reduce Erosion or Purely for¬†Amenity
  • Cut and Swab Weed Control in Native Forestry
  • Row Spraying in Plantation Fields
  • Removal of Introduced and/or Feral Pest Species
  • Direct Seeding or Tube Stock Planting
  • Tree Guards for Protecting Young Plants
  • Firebreak Slashing
  • Fire Prevention with Woodlot Reduction
Looking After Native Environments

At Envirogroup we pride ourselves in being able to get to even the most difficult of places, with our fully remote controlled long lines we can reach 200m on a single line. We can even run an extension to enable us to reach 400m where necessary.

Long line targeted weed control







Woody_weed control in forests and native woodlands

This typically include treatment to Gorse, Blackberry, Flaxleaf Broom, Boneseed, Flax and English Broom, Bathurst Burr






Flaxleaf Broom

English Broom in flower

Bathurst Burr

Revegetation Programs

Tube stock of carefully selected species prepared and planted to revert pasture lands back to original native environment and biodiversity.

Tube stock Planted

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