Weed Control

All Weed Types

Envirogroup can handle all weed types of weed control throughout the Adelaide Hills and further abroad, whether they be soft or woody, small or large or hard to get to.

  • Boom spraying of Pasture Weeds
  • Woody Weeds (Gorse, Blackberry, Broom)
  • Cut and Swab in Sensitive Areas
  • Grass Control for Tree and Pasture Establishment
  • Roadside Weed Control
  • Dry Weed Fire Prevention
  • Grass and Vegetation around Buildings, Quarries and Industrial Sites


Envirogroup provide weed control using all applications

  • Large Acre Boom Spraying
  • Field Spraying
  • Handline Spot Spraying
  • Cut and Swab or Drill and Fill


Professionally geared up

  • Using professional wide reach boomspray equipment and large capacity tanks fitted to dedicated 4X4 vehicles, all computer operated from with the cabin
  • Strip or narrow boomspray equipment fitted to 4X4 all terrain vehicles (ATV) with adjustable width boom spray setup allowing for any width requirements
  • Double 200m Radio Controlled handline reels for hard to get to places or spot spraying in sensitive areas fitted to 4X4 vehicles
  • Single 20m handline reels fitted to ATV’s for steep terrain locations
  • 4W4 ATV’s Fitted with covered spray domes


With all of our clients, we discuss the approach, equipment used and herbicide options, with consideration to the targeted weeds, property use, any adjacent vegetation and waterways, and the land itself.


Typical South Australian Prescribed Weeds Requiring Treatment

 Gorse – Eventually takes over the land rendering it unusable

Gorse (thorny and evergreen)

Gorse in flower before seed set

Gorse can grow to be quite tall

Gorse rapidly destroying the land

Blackberry – Can quickly get out of control

Blackberry spreading in a creek

Seeds wash down stream

Blackberry spreading up hill

Blackberry climbing trees

 Coolatai_Grass – Very invasive and a fire hazard

Coolatai Grass Spreading

Coolatai Grass before treatment

Coolatai Grass after treatment

Coolatai Grass dead

Artichoke – Can takes years to eradicate if it gets out of control

Wild Artichoke – New growth

Wild Artichoke before flowering

Wild Artichoke after flowering

Wild Artichoke spreading rapidly

 Brooms– Commonly Flax and English Broom

Flaxleaf Broom in flower

Flaxleaf broom spreading

Broom in mass

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